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If you want a seamless high end finish that is easy to maintain, durable, and very hard wearing then HTC Superfloor is the answer.
After all the years and thousands of square metres of tiles that we have laid, HTC Superfloor is still our favourite type of floor. The concept is straight forward, the result? - a floor with natural appearance that’s aesthetically pleasing. It works incredibly well in either a domestic or commercial environment with many advantages over other types of floors and coverings.
Superfloor can also be coloured with either water based or solvent based dyes to give your floor a translucent appearance with a colouring of your choice. From garage floors to bedroom floors the concept of Superfloor is the future especially when combined with under floor heating.

Many major U.K companies are seeing the advantages of Superfloor . Supermarkets for one see a huge difference in lead times before opening a store. Where traditionally terrazzo is used which involves concrete slab, screed, terrazzo tile then grinding Superfloor only requires the concrete then grinding. This not only saves the cost of the screed and tile for the supermarket it also produces a finish that is easier to maintain and that has better slip resistance.

There are four different concepts to HTC Superfloor:

Platinum - This is the most popular of the four and involves the most stages of grinding. It exposes all the aggregate and the end result is a durable floor with a glossy appearance that also reflects light.

is the next concept. This leaves out the first grinding stage which leaves the floor showing much less aggregate. This is an ideal finish if the floor is already even and level, the surface finish is almost as high as platinum.

is basically the same concept as platinum but without the polishing. All the aggregate shows but you are left with a matt finish.

Bronze is by far the hardest of the four concepts to achieve. It uses the fewest grinding and polishing stages because the concept of this finish is that you only grind and polish the top layer of the concrete, the aggregate is not shown. This can be very difficult on an un even floor because the high spots can expose aggregate which is unwanted.

HTC EZwood



EZ Wood Grinding is certainly a step forward in the world of wood preparation and wood floor finishing. The problems caused by traditional floor sanders are solved with this concept. The main issues with traditional machines are stop start marks, machine digging in when turned in the corner of rooms and sanding against the grain. All of these issues are solved with EZ Wood Grinding.
We can get within 20mm of wall’s and then use edge working machines where we can get within 3mm. When combined with an extractor the grinding is also virtually dust free. So you can now grind rough planks to parquet floors with a planetary system fitted with either diamonds or sand paper, the system can also be used to oil the floor as well.

HTC Superprep




HTC planetary machines are ideal for prepping floors. They can remove epoxy, carpet adhesive, tile adhesive, self levelling compound, paint and many other types of surfaces. Super prep differs from other types of surface removal because it doesn’t damage the underlying surface unlike scarifying or shot blasting.
You can also get a lot closer to the perimeter of the room which isn’t normally possible with the other two concepts of removal. Once the floor is ground you are left with a smooth surface which will take a new covering or paint and which will provide an excellent key.
Flooring contractors look towards having perfectly smooth floors to lay coverings on and HTC Superprep is the ideal solution for this.
The main problem with scarifying and shot blasting is you cannot level a floor, the surface may well also require grinding or self levelling to rectify the unevenness.
One major concern again is they generate a lot of dust, vibration and noise.

HTC Superprep is different , you can prepare floors whilst other works carry on. Dust is not an issue because it is extracted out the same way as if you were concrete polishing, vibration and noise are also kept to a minimum.



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